Why EMMA Rentals?

View all cars in Emma Rentals' fleet here

View all cars in Emma Rentals' fleet here

Emma Rentals

Free Delivery Service
Emma Rentals will bring your car to your location of stay! Everywhere in Willemstad for free, if you stay in Grote berg or a little further, we charge a small fee so you don't have to hitchhike or take a cab. Great service! Start your reservation and everything will come up in step 3.

No Deposit Required
Emma Rentals does not require a deposit for all vacation bookings. We don't need anything from you, just your information and your good mood when you come to the island! Upon receipt of the car, you can pay the amount simply with your PIN card at no extra charge. That is by far the easiest thing there is.
If you have a Credit Card, that is also possible of course. Emma Rentals does not charge extra when you pay by credit card.
(We do not accept American Express credit cards)

Cash is also possible, if you pay in USD or EURO. Just ask for the correct amount in the days before your reservation starts.

By the way, be sure to set your bank cards to WORLD COVERAGE/ ACCESS! Check with your bank or check your app beforehand about how to do that.

All-Risk insurance
Your rental agreement has a standard all risk insurance for accidents/damage to your car with a deductible of 350,- Euro. So that is well taken care of!
Do you want a lower deductible? You can! In step 3 of the reservation process you can lower your deductible. Safety first!
Emma Rentals has an excellent insurance that takes care of all your worries. More information about what to do in case of a collision? Go to CONTACT.

Renting with the assurance of Service
Our commitment to unparalleled customer satisfaction sets us apart. We are proud of our reputation for reliability, quick response and genuine friendliness. Going the extra mile is not just a motto for us; it's a way of life. Our commitment to that extra step is what truly sets us apart.

Unlimited Mileage
Curacao is not super big but on a nice road trip you will soon drive over 100 kilometers in a day. Luckily, gasoline is not that expensive on the island!
With the free App, MAPS.ME you can get anywhere you want for free and offline across the island.
Plan your route in advance and don't forget to take super nice photos along the way!
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